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Three motor high speed slitting machine

Performance characteristics:

1, this model is suitable for cutting PE, PP, PET, PVC and other plastic film, paper, composite film, aluminum film, color printing film.Is the film, thin film secondary processing and color printing packaging enterprises ideal model.

2. The whole machine is centrally controlled by PLC (three-vector motor) and centrally operated by touch-screen man-machine interface.

3. Unwinding is controlled by inlet gas brake, and the coil diameter is automatically calculated by PLC to achieve constant tension control.

4. The traction control is driven by a vector variable frequency motor to achieve constant linear speed control, and effectively cut off the mutual influence between the winding tension.

5. The winding reel is driven by two vector frequency conversion motors, and the winding tension is controlled. Parameters such as winding diameter, cutting thickness and tension are set.

6. Hydraulic power loading and unloading is adopted for winding;No shaft hydraulic jacking device, suitable for the workshop without driving, can save manpower and shorten loading and unloading time.

7. EPC rectifying device can accurately control the end surface accuracy.

8. The system has the functions of starting buffering, stopping and preventing loosening, meter length determination, speed determination and coil diameter calculation, etc.

Maximum raw material width


Maximum material diameter


Maximum rewinding diameter


Mechanical speed


Total motor power


  • Appearance size (length × width × height)


machine weight



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